Ergoline Sun Angel

Product Specs

  • Year: 2010
  • Hours: 2500
  • Model: SunAngel
  • Level: Level 5
  • Exposure Time: 15 or 20 minutes



The SUN ANGEL is in a class of its own. Its innovative UV technology, standard comfort features and spellbinding design will entice even your most demanding customers. With sensor-controlled tanning, unparalleled luxury, marketing materials and attractive financing, the SUN ANGEL is a comprehensive success package.

The SUN ANGEL S52’s UV lamps (38 Type A lamps and 14 Type B lamps) give you a perfectly even, all around tan. The Type A lamp UV spectrum is optimized for darkening existing pigment, while the spectrum in the Type B lamps is optimized for pigment generation and darkening. The facial tanner system, with its three additional UV-B lamps, features Ultra Performance technology. Developed by Ergoline, the computer-designed geometry in the four glass reflectors and specially coated filter glass ensure that only the most effective portions of the tanning spectrum are refl ected, while unwanted heat and infrared rays are transferred away from the tanner. The shoulder tanner in the SUN ANGEL S52 is also equipped with Ultra Performance technology.


  • Wonderful tanning results – variable UV spectrum and the SUN ANGEL sensor – that virtually eliminate the possibility of overexposure.
  • Fifty-two UV lamps and four Ultra Performance facial tanners with specialized UV-B lamps.
  • High-pressure shoulder tanners with Ultra Performance technology.


  • Temptronic climate control maintains the preferred temperature throughout the tanning session.
  • Aqua Mist & Aroma for refreshing relaxation.
  • Multi Relax base acrylic with armrests and variable footrests.
  • 3D-sound system with MP3 player dock-in and SD card slot for individual music enjoyment.